And here’s my mini-review of MW4M: I didn’t like MW3, and never played MW4 for lack of a good computer. So my MechWarrior experience is from back when MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries was hot, and boy, was that a great game. The good news: MW4M is almost as much fun as MW2M was. The missions have a little less variety, my favourite Clan Mech (Nova) isn’t available, but the controls are almost identical, the graphics are much improved, although not top-notch anymore, and it’s still very hard. I did a citycombat mission yesterday, and it was great, jumping behind office blocks for cover, running thtough the streets with guns blazing. This title makes up for the disappointing MechAssault (shame on Microsoft for that one. We’d like to call it MechInsult), a worthy heir to the throne of best Mech game.