Spam Killers II

I’ve had feedback on last week’s Spam Killers entry, and there are three ways I’ve tested now that work well for windows.


Very easy to install, very versatile, works fine with multiple accounts, and is reasonably fast. It detects about 85% of all my spam, which is far from the results given by spam assassin, but pretty good given the easy install. Recommended! It’s open source, too!

Website: SpamPal

Mail Washer

Morten Byom, our lead Anarchy Online worldbuilder, showed me this one, and while I haven’t tried it out yet, it looks pretty cool. Also easy to set up, you could even give this to your dad.

Web Site: MailWasher

Hamster & Spam Assassin

This is pretty tough stuff, it requires a lot of work, and while the result is pretty damn good, it just may not be worth it. It’s also very slow. The idea is to set up a loval mailserver (Hamster), and run a windows compiled spamassassin whenever it fetches mail from your account.

Web Site of HOWTO:


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