Done with visuals

It’s taken quite a while. I was googling for weblog designs, and thought there’s probably be something I liked. It’s amazing how many ‘girlie’ designs there are, and how few that are jsut what I was looking for. Clean, fast to load, pleasing.

I think this one is it, though. The bloghaus design was orriginally created for blogger, but I messed with the pages long enough until it worked in nucleus, and here’s the result. I may be changing the links and some other bits, but for tonight, it’s as good as it gets.

The design a bit limiting when it comes to putting up pictures. I may widen it a bit to allow me to post my regular 400 pixel wide images. But I never liked the text next to the image style I used earlier, so maybe this is definitely for the better.

Now playing: Wolf at the Door – Radiohead

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