Shadowlands Box Picture

It looks like Shadowlands is going to sell well. The pre-orders at least look promising, and the game has been in the top 5 at Electronics Boutique for four weeks straight.

Based on an idea I had early this year, players that pre-order the game will get a special appartment in Jobe. Those are really cool party places with a view over the floating city, bathtub, a lounge, bedroom and kitchen – a real appartment, unlike the shoeboxes that players in Omni 1 or Tir call home.

Although my involvement in Shadowlands has been pretty small (since I work on new products now), there’s still some code of mine in there, and I’m emotionally involved with Anarchy Online – I really want to see Shadowlands get off to a good start. It’s got a lot of great potential, and the new locations are awe-inspiring, and when they’re done, they’ll hopefully be packed with action.

Jobe appartments