I’ve been waiting and working a long time for this day. Funcom has announced our plans to finally make a sequel to The Longest Journey, the world’s best adventure game ever made. I can safely say that without selfpraise, because I didn’t work on it. But I loved playing it, and I’m looking forward to working on it – I hope I will. We’re looking at making this for a number of platforms, unlike the original TLJ, which was purely a PC game.

The second new game that we’ve been workin on for a while now is a massive multiplayer online game. This one is a very exciting title, and we’re putting all the experience gained from Anarchy Online into it, to make it a killer title.

We’re also producing an Expansion and a Booster Pack for Anarchy Online, but I won’t be having to do much with those, because I’m working on the new stuff.

Good news indeed, don’t you think?