Thunderbird problem

I was upgrading enigmail today, and after restarting Thunderbird, it gave me the message that “A previous install did not complete correctly. Finishing install”. I googled for a fix, then helped myself: Whenever the file C:\Program Files\Thunderbird\xpicleanup.dat exists, Thunderbird will give the message. I deleted it, and Thunderbird starts. Not sure if I broke something in the process, though. The newer enigmail version didn’t install, and any time I tried, it gave the error again. the final solution was to remove my chrome/ folder from c:\Documents and Settings\enno\Thunderbird, delete the xpicleanup.dat file, delete and reinstall Thunderbird, then reinstall all extensions. A hassle, but at least now I’ve got a clean and working mail client again.


2 thoughts on “Thunderbird problem

  1. there are 2 extension to install in order to make enigmail works:… :

    "Download the Enigmail package for all platforms PLUS the Enigmime package for the platform you are using and save both files locally…. "

    did you install both?

    I had your problem because I installed just one of them,

    I tried to reinstall it because I thought it did not work the first time and .. boom.

    I installed both and it works.. + gnupg

  2. I did install both. But I’ve occasionally had problems, I gues one thing I did was to install a lot of nightlies in the early thunderbird months, and always without uninstalling previous versions. So a lot of cruft accumulated over time. After reinstalling with version 0.3, all is well now.

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