We have opened the download offer for Shadowlands.You can now download the game instead of buying it.

The download from funcom isn’t always extremely fast, so I’ve put the client out through bittorrent. If you want to get the game (it’s a whooping 1.2 GB), do the following:

1. Download and Install bittorrent.

2. Click here to start the download.

If this form of download doesn’t work, you can always get it from the official pages. And remember that you need to pay with either a credit card or german giro account to play.

“Shadowlands not only meets its rivals head on in terms of content for players of all levels, but in many ways saunters past them without breaking sweat. There is just so much to see and do that even the most established players will still be making discoveries for months to come.” — IGN.com, Editor’s Choice Award