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Tapestry makes me wonder what copyright law has to say about links to a comic in an RSS feed. This guy offers feeds for a number of United Media comics, PvP Online, and others. The idea is great – I don’t hae to hit the comics sites several times a day to find out if PvP has finally updated, and I save time because I can get all my daily strips on a single page (thanks to FeedDemon‘s execllent ‘Newspaper’ feature).

Since a lot of the strips I read are missing, and he hasn’t added feeds for a while, I’ve written my own script with a MySQL backend and plugins for different types of comic pages. All I have to do now to get another comic feed is to add a little data about the strip’s URL into a database, and run the feed update once. Dead simple. All in 150 lines of python. I’m not sure if I should make them public, though – copyright questions and the load on this server kinda make me want to keep them to myself for now. Although uploading them somewhere else would of course be possible…


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