Want to have your daily dose of cartoons sent to you every morning? I made my own cartoon RSS feed system last night. Rather than wait for Tapestry‘s David thomson to add more strips, I wanted to build my own feeds, and I made the code pretty generic, so adding new strips is usually a two minute job.

So despite what I said earlier, here’s my own list of links: The Instant Funnies. Like David, I am not a lawyer, and while I am pretty sure that under German law, this server is not hosting anything illegal, I may be wrong. In which case I don’t mind being corrected.

My feeds currently cover only the list of comics that I read and that aren’t on tapestry. Also, some strips like Sluggy Freelance are a pain to feed, because of the crazy sunday format. That aside, adding feeds for most strips is easy, and I feel generous enough: If you want your favourite strip added to the list, and it’s not on tapestry already, drop me a line, address is at the bottom of the feeds page.