I went shopping. Our local store had a deal on ropes, and I’m tired of having to borrow a rope – it’s time I buy my own.

While there, I went into a spree. I’ve always liked Salewa’s coloured clamps, beecause looking for the number on one while standing on a small crack with just one foot isn’t something I enjoy much. So these are going to be my new friends.

Also, I got a Arcteryx Bora 60 on sale. It’s not the latest model, so I guess that’s why I got it at half price. And it fits me like… If I was to ever have an exoskeleton fitted, this is how it should fit. I’m just 1.70, and used to things being a bit too big for me – this backpack came in three sizes, and it fits me without any adjustments needed. In fact, it’s less adjustable than my tattered old one, because they have three sizes. Love it. I can’t wait for the first trip out.

The only negative point about the shopping trip was that I couldn’t take the shoes home I’d picked for myself a few weeks ago – they were out in my size, and they have to be ordered. I’m hoping they’ll come in time for me to walk them in before my first trial walk. Jotunheimen’s mountains will be the first test of my equipment for Kilimanjaro.


3 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Now that’s interesting. I must admit that I never ever look at or think about what size of stopper I’m using. I just take the whole lot off the belt, look at the crack I’m going to place it in, and choose one that looks like it’s going to fit. That’s why I never really cared about these colour codes.

    Do you actually think "I’ll need a size 4 stopper here…" when you look at a crack?

  2. I got my Bora 60 in a small shop in Norway that had a "this-day-only" sale, so I don’t think that will help you very much. I think the model is no longer on sale in most places (though the 62 is), so you might have to try ebay or go for a newer model. Plenty of online shops seem to sell them.

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