The Top of Northern Europe (2469 m)

As a first test of my equipment for Kilimanjaro, Udo and I went on a three-day hike that included Glittertind (2464 m) and Galdhøppigen (2469 m). Not very high up, no problems at all with oxygen 😉 But a nice trip, and except for the day we were going to go up Glittertind, the weather was fantastic. We ended up walking around Glittertind, and only went to the Galdhøppigen summit the day after. Equipment test shows: I need better sunscreen 🙂

The top of Northern Europe

It’s like Christmas in July

One thought on “The Top of Northern Europe (2469 m)

  1. Oh, if you’ve been on the Galdhøppigen on the 27th, we might have had a good chance to meet, since we’ve been climbing up there, too. The decent was the nicest aspect of it, skidding down the snow 😉


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