If you have Thunderbird 0.8 installed, here’s how to read your favourite strips in an easy way:

1. Create an RSS account.
Tools -> Account settings -> Add Account -> RSS News & Blogs -> Finish the wizard.

2. Find an RSS feed for the strip.
Dilbert for example is at http://dwlt.net/tapestry/dilbert.rdf

3. Add the RSS feed.
Select your new account, and from the options on the right-hand side, choose “View settings for this account”, then click “Manage Subscriptions”. Select Add, and enter http://dwlt.net/tapestry/dilbert.rdf as the Feed URL. Make sure to check the “Show the article summary…” box.

You now have a folder that receives new Dilbert comics daily. Repeat with other cartoons you like. For some ideas, check out these sites:

http://dwlt.net/tapestry/ (Feed Url in the “RSS Feed” column)

http://atheos.de/funnies/ (Feed URL behind the little RSS icons)