The server is dead, long live the server

The university had a scheduled power outage last weekend to install a new power supply for their high performance computer cluster. This meant my machine, whch sits in the same room, had to go down for a couple of days as well. And lo and behold! it did not come up after being turned off for 5 days.

The machine is built out of scrap parts. I’ve used it for 6 years, and it had 64 MB RAM and dual Pentium Pro 200 processors. It’s amazing how many services I managed to cram onto it, really. I was constantly battling with low memory, optimizing the hell out of the installation.

And now it’s dead.

I feel a bit sad about that. Although it means I finally got some new parts. This time, it’s two PII 450 CPUs, and a whopping 768 MB of RAM. Everything is suddenly snappy, the PHP pages come much faster, and still – it’s not the same baby I started playing with. It feels too big. I’ll never fill it out.

Rest in Peace.


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