Goodbye Dreamfall, Hello Anarchy!

I’ve changed teams. fter two years working on Dreamfall, the new game in the Longest Journey universe, I’m back on Anarchy Online.

Why? I guess mostly because I felt drained. I’ve been working on that game for two years, including preliminary research, and I needed a change. I felt consrained by the role of lead programmer, too – it meant too little freedom for me. Whenever I ended up actually programming something, it was either some piece of glue that someone else needed, or I felt guilty because I was not doing one of a million other things.

So, back on AO now, and I’m falling into the nice after-expansion time when all the plans for what’s next are new and good, when the reality of time & money hasn’t destroyed all the high-flying plans yet, and the possibilities for what we could do next seem endless. Well, not endless, actually. Anarchy means working on a product that’s already out, for which the player’s idea of what kind of game it should be and what we are allowed to change is often frustratingly narrow, and you simply cannot do everything. In a way, I like that, too. Sometimes constraints are good.

First thing I’m doing: Port the whole thing from VC6.0 to Visual Studio .NET. No way am I ever going back to Visual C++ 6.0.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Dreamfall, Hello Anarchy!

  1. I’m back (and on Test Server) in Anarchy after 2 years away, somehow found your blog from a google search and the title of this entry makes it the place for a comment. Wow, the game has changed since then. Shadowlands looks fantastic, although I have only seen a small part of it yet. The Interface – wow. The detachable, moveable and resizable windows make it much easier to leave some of the more important windows open. I’m also looking forward to Dreamfall, having discovered TLJ only after Anarchy on a search for missed adventure game gems.

  2. Excellent! I haven’t been on the TestServer in quite some time, as I have worked more on stuff happening "behind the scenes", but one of these days I’m going to go back there and introduce myself to all the people that joined after I left.

    That has always been my favourite community in AO.

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve given up on Dreamfall. Actually this is why I’m here. It has been dragged into daylight that Dreamfall’s official forum has been abandoned by mods and admins so the place is falling into hands of spammers. There still are members and new ones keep joining who wish to discuss the game. Is there anything you could do about this? Talk to someone perhaps?

  4. I no longer work for Funcom, so the only thing I could do is contact somebody I know there and tell them to have a look. But my guess is that management decided it’s n longer worthwhile to support the forums. I only ever did that for the TLJ forum because I love tht game, not because it was really my job 🙂

  5. That would be great. If the managment is no longer interested in supporting the forums, could you make a suggestion to give to members. Someone of staffers in forums should give one of the members admin rights so they could make the changes necessary. Could you give me contacts of someone who could help me in there.

  6. I’m sorry to bug you again but thing are getting worse. We really need help in there. 😦 I understand everyone is busy with other projects, that’s why I suggested that members could help out.

  7. There’s nothing I can do. I tried getting in touch with somebody, but haven’t gotten any response. My guess as to why there’s such neglect is as good as yours.

  8. I just came to a ridiculously good idea. You’re still Smod there but cba to go there, right? How about “donating” your password? xD

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