LCD screens are nice

One of my 21″ CRT (Sony G500) died last week, and since the heat in the office can get pretty bad now, I got an LCD. We’re rapidly moving from CRT to LCD, it seems, Mona says she’s ordering two every week now.

It’s really nice. I’ve been experimenting with ClearType, and I think I prefer no subpixel hinting, but I’m just not sure yet. For now, I’ve got it turned on. It makes things look less sharp and defined, definitely.

I’m thinking of getting an LCD for my home PC as well, but I’d really like to rif myself of the TV in one go – having a separate TV screen is really not necessary, I feel, not as long as both Gamecube and PC are in the same room. Which means I want a big 16:9 display. Which is a big investment, still…


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