Comments disabled

I had to disable comments after getting spammed with 1000 casino-advertising comments. I’m going to re-enable comments as soon as I find a way to fight the spam – until then, why don’t you comment in your own blog and use trackback?


3 thoughts on “Comments disabled

  1. I re-enabled the comments, and promptly got spammed by the same guys again. There seems to be a botnet doing this, as the IP addresses don’t stay the same, so I can’t go IP banning either. At least not feasibly.

    So what I’ve done now is require that there be no URL in the email/URL field. If you’re commenting with a URL in there, you will get the "you must log in" error message instead.

    Good thing PHP is so readable, so this was easy to do.

  2. Just in case you’re looking for other ways to stop spam I’ll tell you how I did it on mine. It was quite easy and will block spam with about 99.999% I’d guess, at least automated spam. I just added one of this number-in-image thingies where an image is created, showing some numbers. To send your comment, you have to type that numbers into an input field next to it – I’m sure you know this method 🙂

    A happy, bug-free new year, by the way, just in case you look into here some time before the new year begins.

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