Free” is the magic word.

In just one day, we’ve had 15,000 downloads of the Anarchy Online software through bittorrent. And our ftp link has been maxed out for the last 24 hours, I have no idea how many downloads that adds up to.

AO is the most popular link at suprnova with over 7000 peers at the time of this writing, beating even all the pirated stuff that’s usually found there. Bittorrent is cool – as a protocol, that is. That it’s usually associated with piracy doesn’t mean it can’t be used for good, just like email is not a bad thing simply because 90% of my mails are spam.

I’m digressing, though. Interesting times, indeed. The newbie areas are full of people, we run lots of instances of them, and Alex said he hasn’t seen this kind of crazyness since the launch day. Except this time the servers aren’t going down all the time 🙂

Meanwhile I’ve been working on version 15.8 (fixed some exotic item code) and 15.9, where I was getting really tired of the launcher code and thinking of merging it with the main game into a single executable. If I find the time, that is.