The Dreamfall website has been updated with some new screenshots.

Eressea didn’t run this morning. It looks like the new code I made for this year’s christmas gift causes some endless loop in the routine loading the data file. Remember: Code made at 2:30 in the night does not stand a good chance of running the first time you use it. Which is bad news for the rewrite of the movement code I did during the night from saturday to sunday.

Work has been slow this last day before the holidays, so I’ve been looking at the profiler for lack of other really pressing tasks – well, I have tasks, but I depend on people who have already gone on vacation, so I can’t work on those. Anyway, the profiler tells me what I already know, we need to reduce the number of synchronous resource loads on the client even more if we want to get a more steady framerate (duh), and it’s a shame I lost the code I once wrote for that. And a shame that I won’t have time to do it when we’re all coming back after the holidays šŸ™‚ Because there’s going to be something more important to do then, I’m sure.