The original SPAM comes from Hormel Foods, of course. But as Ben Goodger writes, Spam emails and Viruses come from Microsoft’s Outlook products. He says he’d like to simply block them all.

I’ve done a count through my spam: For 298 emails I received from Outlook (and OE), I received 2269 viruses and spams from them. During the same time frame, I got more emails from Thunderbird users, but only 9 spams.

Outlook and it’s little brother Outlook Express are the prime tool for the propagation of spam, viruses and phishing emails these days, and I think it’s almost getting to be a good idea to reject mail originating from them. After all, if 89% of all phonecalls you get were from telemarketers, wouldn’t you get an unlisted phonenumber? Damn right you would. Now that 89% of the mail reaching me through Outlook are bad, I don’t want Outlook to reach my mailbox anymore.

Well, not quite yet. But I’m *this* close.