New Look

Yes, it was time to change the look of the blog. I was getting tired of the bloghaus skin.

Since I am no web designer, and have better things to do than creating skins, I looked for free ready-made nucleus skins. There aren’t many. There are even fewer good ones. This one is one of the best (which means you’ve probably seen it in lots of other places, too). I want to customize it more, I just added the ‘Recent Entries’ list on the left, but I’m not happy with the grey colors, so they’ll have to go next.

I also need to find a way to tell the Smart Breaks plugin not to mess up my source code. This blog will always contain code that’s meant to be formatted, and I’ve got to have a way to make it not mess with <pre>. Another day.

2 thoughts on “New Look

  1. I found it. It looks like the autop() function does a lot more higher-order magic than I really needed, so I stripped it down to the bare essentials — adding paragraphs. Now to find a slightly better fontsize for the <pre> code and I’m set.

  2. I switched to the kubrick skin. It’s much more what I want, even though it is hardly original – I see it more and more places. It’s pretty.

    I customized it so that the sidebars are shared between skins in case I want to switch again at another time.

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