Hard Error c0000221

Tonight, Windows greets me with a blue screen saying that something’s wrong with C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\NTDLL.DLL. Well, that’s just perfect. I guess that’s from installing Nvidia’s new drivers yesterday.

So I boot into Linux and google for that message, and I find a lot of confused people that don’t know what to do eiher, and a Microsoft KB article saying “Do a recovery, and if that fails, reinstall”. But my CD-ROM drive is still dead, so that can’t be the solution. Instead, I mount the windows partition and find there are copies of that file that have the same date and size, but they are different (md5sum is my friend). I take one from the DLLCACHE folder, bopy it over the one that Windows hated, reboot – and voila! Windows boots again.

Why did none of the articles I found on Google say that it’s as easy as replacing that file with the cached version? I mean, that’s a lot more convenient than going through that whole Recovery Console stuff.


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