Dosbox – playing classic games on windows

I was complaining loudly today that Windos 2000 no longer plays my favourite game. Kjetil recommended dosbox, an open-source emulator that emulates an entire x86 PC with DOS, and runs just about any old game. It even runs on Mac OS and Linux. So I tried it and lo and behold! Another World runs like a charm. Now I can play through it again, for the fifth time or so.

Now if they would put the hq3x filter into dosbox, like ScummVM does, this game could look even better. I wonder who I’d have to kill to get that done. Oh, and Eric Chahi, please let us have a Windows version with better resolution. I know you must still have all the sources.

I still have a bunch of old DOS classics (like my Wing Commander II, on 5.25″ disks) that I remember fondly. But I doubt I”ll play them even with dosbox – the memories are usually better than the games.

2 thoughts on “Dosbox – playing classic games on windows

  1. SCUMM is a teriffic piece of software, no doubt. However, some games lack support, and for others the experience is often diminshed compared to the original. I played Full Throttle on it, and not only are all the action sequences missing, it also has occasional other problems, stutters, and missing bits. The car rodeo action sequence is there, but it’s almost unplayable.

    If you can get the game to work in DOSbox, you’re generally much better off. Of course that’s not an option at all on handhelds, but… I rarely play anything else than Bejeweled on mine anyway.

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