I was complaining loudly today that Windos 2000 no longer plays my favourite game. Kjetil recommended dosbox, an open-source emulator that emulates an entire x86 PC with DOS, and runs just about any old game. It even runs on Mac OS and Linux. So I tried it and lo and behold! Another World runs like a charm. Now I can play through it again, for the fifth time or so.

Now if they would put the hq3x filter into dosbox, like ScummVM does, this game could look even better. I wonder who I’d have to kill to get that done. Oh, and Eric Chahi, please let us have a Windows version with better resolution. I know you must still have all the sources.

I still have a bunch of old DOS classics (like my Wing Commander II, on 5.25″ disks) that I remember fondly. But I doubt I”ll play them even with dosbox – the memories are usually better than the games.