Computer Game Quiz #2

If you’re a real gamer, take the test here.

I couldn’t resists. With the help of the folks on #eressea, I made my own list of classic games to remember, and here’s the result. 40 classic games. Can you guess them all? Leave a comment with your score, please don’t post any spoilers. Or use rot13 if you must.

This was so much fun, I’m already working on a second list of 40 games 🙂


78 thoughts on “Computer Game Quiz #2

  1. Ahh these are hard hehe. I have 7 out of 40 so far Thanks Enno I will post this page on my forum if thats ok with you ill post to joystiq too that should get this some publicity 🙂 Great job.

  2. Yeah these are much harder than the quiz that insipired them. I had about 38 out of 40 there, here I’ve only got 25 so far. Several of them are maddeningly familiar, though! I keep racking my brain but I seem to have hit an impasse. The Apple games are the worst, ’cause only lamerz had Apple IIs back in the day, all us ]<ool ]<idz had C=64s. Heh!

  3. Lol aye, C64’s were |>4 8omb, ergh that is so not leet 😛 i shall be scratching my head and googling for hours on this one i think. Thanks again Enno and everyone else that contributed to this. =D

  4. Theese quizzes are great – this deserve an own genr.

    Do you have all these games as a PC emulation or did you take screenshot on the original machines?

  5. fireball: 34 is the successor of a game that is featured in the other quiz.

    I’m interested in the name of 14 – I played that game a lot.

  6. 05 is an adventure classic often named as one of the best adventures ever (well .. arguable) .. may be it helps if i say you have to travel around much with the female mainchar 😉

    14 and 15 … i KNOW them .. damn .. if i would remember ..

  7. This is a much harder quiz… and the other one took me 3 days.
    So far only 9 out of 40. Not even 25%. Although I know exactly what 24 is I just can’t remember the name. And I know exactly what 14 is, I played it for months. But it doesn’t seem to be accepting my answer: [rot13] Znfgre bs Zntvp [/rot13]

  8. Still got 6 more to go, but it’s a bunch of us doing it and they’re a heck of a lot better at this than me :p

    07 has music by the great Chris Huelsbeck, though I think I’ve typed that wrong.

    10 is THE SEQUEL to a terrible, terrible piece of software that is more powerpoint presentation than game.

    28 was a NIGHTMARE to get.

    34 was another sequel. David Braben and Ian Bell made the original, I think.

    That’s enough clues, I think.

  9. Very good job getting 34/40, Frosty. And I’d say your tips are fine, just make sure you don’t give too much away.

    When you or anybody else have got the full 40, send me a note at – I would like to see who is first. 🙂

  10. Whee. This is nicely difficult compared to the other one. I knew 40/40 from that and only 30/40 from this. Gotta start asking help soon…

  11. It’s an adventure game with a 2nsd and 3rd part.

    Instead of giving the seuqel a number, an i was added in the middle of the name

    (hope this info is correct. I entered only the original name and the correct one was automatically detected)

  12. Ok, here are the spoiler to these games.
    I recomend to only use it if you are REALLY stuck. Well .. it seems i for my part AM stuck %)

    *deleted* Please don’t post the names, not even encoded. How is anyone going to be able to claim to his buddies that he found them all by himself? 😉

  13. Gonna give you a few hints though, based on what you were lacking:

    #1 vf n Fvreen Bayvar nqiragher, bs pbhefr
    #17 vf nyfb na nqiragher tnzr
    #32 vf gnxra sebz n phgfprar, gur tnzr qbraf’g ybbx yvxr gung (V xabj, V nz n onq obl).
    #38 jnf gur bayl rqhpngvbany tnzr V rire cynlrq.

  14. Thanks 🙂 Number 1 is solved. I played a later episode of the series so i didn’t recognize it. #17 still puzzles me. I’m an adventure fan i played nearly all the popular ones .. and the scene looks familiar. #32 looks familiar, too. but i don’t get it .. i think my memories trick me and i didn’t ever play it. May someone provide me some hint maybe about part of the storyline (#17)? maybe i REALLY don’t know this adventure (than i have a new one i should play ^^)

  15. I’m still after tips to #17 =)
    Or maybe someone gives me the solution .. i guess it’s an adventure i never played (and i love them 😉 )


  16. Hey guys I am really really stuck and need hints for the following if you would be so kind.

    6, 11, 12, 14, 18, 21, 22, 30, 32, 33, 37, 38 & 40

    Thanks in advance.

  17. #12 gurzrq nsgre n pvarzngvp zbivr frevrf
    #18 lbh unqr gb genqr n ybg va guvf tnzr naq lbh pbhyq fgrre lbhe fuvc vagb gur unira lbhefrys
    #22 plavpny tnzr jurer lbh pbhyq hfr n *fgenatr* guvat nf jrncba. shgher gurzrq. lbh nera’g va orfg funcr jura lbh fgneg gur tnzr.
    #30 ntnva lbh genqr zhpu. lbh tbirea (n) pvgl/pvgvrf.
    #33 vg jnf nobhg n jbeyqjne naq lbh hfrq fbzr fcrpvny tebhaq havgf n ybg.
    #37 guvf tnzr jnf n shghevfgvp ghea onfrq onggyr tnzr jurer lbh pbhyq cynl jvgu n zngr ghea nsgre ghea.
    #40 lbh ner gur ureb .. lbh ner gur zbgure/cebgbglcr bs nyy urebrf. naq lbh erfphr gur jbeyq va znal rcvfbqrf.

  18. Wintermute I still have no idea what those games are i have never played them. googling is the next logical step in helping me find out what they are 🙂

  19. ^Doom^, Yeah, that’s what makes this quiz so difficult. The original quiz had all the classics from fairly recent to very old and I had played 32 out of the 40 and had at least seen the other 8.

    This quiz, on the other hand, I only have 10 out of 40 answers and there are only 9 out of the 40 that I think I’ve ever played.

  20. Your only as old as you feel. or at leat thats what my mum keeps telling me 😛 i did remember the hobbit tho 🙂 my first gaming machine was the C64 then we had an Atari ST, Amiga 512 and then a PC. so all these obscure games on machines i have never even heard of are a mystery to me 🙂

  21. I also started with those machines. My first was a VIC-20, then C-64 and plus4, Atari 800XL, C-128, Atari ST1024 (for music (midi)), Amiga 500 (got heavily modified over the years) and finaly the pc. hm .. if i read this i could believe i’m a computer nerd with all (negative) traits %)

  22. I could belive it too, but i wont as you seem like such a nice person lol. When i was younger i didnt play ‘that’ many games i was out every night with my skateboard hehe I only really know the games from watching my bro play them on my way out the door 😛

  23. i recognized 11 out of 40…and i KNOW ive played number 6, i believe in the game itself you have to mowe (?) grass…but i dont know the name!

  24. Is there going to be updates and/or mailing lists for this one too? I want in.

    I only got 9/40 myself, us people at PEEL are working through it though,

  25. Hi!

    I’m the author of the original quiz.
    This one is harder. 🙂 Nice work.


    P.S.: Can somebody send me the solutions? 🙂

  26. I was able to get 16/40. Many look very familiar but I can’t spend any more precious work time. 🙂 Could someone send me a solutions list? Thanks!!!


  27. Okay, here are some hints for the ons I know:
    3. gur orfg fubbgre sbe gur Ngnev 2600
    4. frdhry gb n jryy xabja ect
    7. n Fhcre Znevb pybar sbe gur P64 (Avagraqb rira fhrq vg’f perngbe)
    8. VQ’f cyngsbezre sbe gur RTN onfrq ‘chgref
    10. N zlfgvpny frdhry sbe n jryy xabja nqiragher tnzr (vg’f ovttre uvag gung lbh guvax sbe gur svefg gvzr 🙂
    12. Vg’f n frdhry sbe n zbivr gevybtl.
    13. Onfrq ba n ubeebe cnebql zbivr. Pnyy ure anzr! 🙂
    15. Guerr cnegf, yrff "v"f va rirel arj tnzr 🙂
    17. na nqiragher va gvzr
    20. frdhry sbe n oehgny fcbeg tnzr
    24. n chmmyr tnzr znqr ol n pbzcnal snzbhf sbe vgf nqiragher tnzrf
    25. rira V xabj guvf snzbhf enpvat tnzr, fb vg zhfg or irel jryy xabja
    27. shghevfgvp tnzr, unira’g cynlrq vg, ohg vg vf snzbhf.
    28. Nzvtbf zhfg xabj guvf cvaonyy
    29. na byq grkg nqiragher tnzr onfrq ba n jryy xabja snagnfl abiry, sebz gur fnzr thl jub jebgr fbzrguvat nobhg "ybeq"…
    31. nepnqr pynffvp, gur ynfg vafgnyyzrag jnf sbe cf2
    33. fgengrtl tnzr, zbqrea jne, rgp

  28. got 16 out of 40. not good but also not that bad. does that mean i’m getting old?
    hope there will be a solutions list…
    thanks for the great idea! 🙂

  29. got 6 out of 40. But I’m quite sure to have seen a lot of the other ones but can’t remember the names. Some people already mentioned that I’m getting older.

    Like those quizzes, but the other one was much easier, definitely.

  30. Splendid, though i still only have 22/40. I seem to be able to get the more exotic ones fairly esaily, while having trouble with most heinously obvious ones such as 1,5,18,22,30 (argh!) and 39 (argh! with a vengance!). Still loads of fun!

  31. Hints for number 6:

    Gur cebtenzzre nqqrq uvf bja synibhe gb nyy uvf tnzrf.

    Gur fperrafubg vf gevpxl, gur npgvba unccraf ba gur bgure fvqr bs gur ubhfr.

  32. plz somebody tell me what that 15 is 😀 i remember it somehow and i need the name of the game so i can start looking for it..

  33. First of all I’d like to say – thanks both of the quiz creators for getting me to drop everything I do and start bashing my head against the keyboard trying to remember games from 15 years ago.
    Thanks. Appreciate it. 🙂
    This one is really tough. The first one I had 25 w/out hints and finished it with them. This one I’m getting 11 after reading the gibberish hints… how do u work these out??

  34. I need some the hint of 1, 5, 7, 14, 16, 25, 26, 34, 36 and 37 but not in that code that I don’t understand please.

  35. I got 28/40
    including 9, 11, 16, 21 😛 (some of the harder one if u don’t know em i guess)
    Any tips for 18, 22 and 38 there?

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