My teeth are killing me

I was at the dentist on Wednesday. One of my lower wisdom teeth had a hole, and it seemed like a good time to pull the bastard, so that’s what she did. Only during the procedure, the crown broke off, and a piece of the root was left in my jaw, where it wasn’t possible to get it out without major surgery.

So tomorrow (one week later) I’m going to see a surgeon. In the meantime, the tooth (or what’s left of it) hurts. Or more precisely:


I’ve eaten nearly 30 ibuprofen tablets since wednesday, and they give me about 4-6 hours of peace before I’m screaming again. Luckily, I can sleep even with the pain, the whole thing seems to calm down. And I’m drinking camomille tea, in the hope that it helps against something. I seem to remember that’s what my mother gave me as a child.

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