Run, Forrest!

Today is the day of the anual Holmenkollstafetten relay run. And I’l finally be able to participate. In the past, E3 has always gotten in the way – I signed up last year and in the year of the AO launch, and both times I had to cancel ecause there was so much to do, and even the weekends were not holy. Well, I’m glad to say I don’t work like that anymore.

My stage is Louises gate – Wolffsgate, just 1.1 km, but I haven’t practiced at all and no idea how fast I should be running. This is of course not a good idea, but I’m hoping I an just run with the pack, since it’s only the second stage in the race and the field will still be packed.

If Christian comes in first, I’ll have to ask for directions.


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