We’re not cracking up. We’re just getting older.

The Holmenkollen relay results are in. We finished 189th out of 240 teams in our group. In total, we used 76:05 minutes, which is almost 2 minutes more than last year, when we ran the distance in 74:10 minutes. I sucked, but at least I wasn’t the only one, or even the worst, on our team. chris, however, was 8th fastest in our group for his leg, and we’re grateful to have him.

In total, there were over 2000 teams of 15 runners each. Which really fills up the city, you see runners everywhere. It’s a wonderful sight.

And the saddest thing is seeing an exhausted runner come into the changing area, to find that his teammate has overslept. This happens more often than one might think, and the runners are close to tears when they go on to do a second leg, even thought they are completely knackered already.

I went climbing on sunday. The first time in half a year. I am not fully recovered, but I have to start again. I lost an entire grade. I feel like crying when I think of the walls I was able to scale last summer.


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