Kingdom of Heaven

I just watched Kingdom of Heaven, and I don’t give a damn what some reviewers say – it’s a wonderful movie. I’m not going to compare it to Troy; there is no comparison.

I was afraid that there would be too much fighting. And indeed there are great battles, but they don’t take the center stage. I was queasy about the Muslim vs. Christian story, and there’s nothing to be afraid of – both sides have their good and bad characters, and the bad guys are not one religion or the other, but the fanatics (in this case, the Knights Templar). The movie is certainly a product of our time, but a product made by the right kind of people.

Ridley Scott does another story that ultimately leads to death and destruction, with no true Happy End, but an uneasy feeling that things might still swing either way – just like Alien or the Terminator. The combat scenes, notably the siege of Jerusalem may not be something new, but they are definitely on par with the best from LOTR or Gladiator. The characters are believable, and so is the setting – no hippie clothing like Troy, no beautified Middle Ages, but plenty of smoke, dirt and dust.

I had a very good time, and I recommend the movie highly. If this does not entertain you, then I am truly sorry for you.

I came home to find a bottle of wine at my door, in appreciation for services rendered.


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