The days are too short

The days are way too short, and the nights are even shorter.

I want to port Anarchy Online to DirectX9. It’s built with DX7, which means I can’t use PIX, and I get really jealous each time I see Morten play with that. I also want to improve the background streaming code for AO even more (I’ve done some changes for the 16.0 patch, but there’s so much left to do). And I want to work more on the NPC scripting language.

Of all the things I’ve done this year, the few small NPC logic changes have been by far the most rewarding. Seeing Colin and Yngvild pick up the ball I pass them and run with it, stretching the limits of what we’ve previously done with NPCs in ways I didn’t even imagine is making me feel really proud. I have at least two radical ideas to increase the potential there – but there’s just no time!

I bought yet another brand of climbing shoes (my fifth), Scarpa. Leif-Henning wears them, and according to Yvonne they are “very agressive”. It’s funny how everybody has their own marketing speak, and uses it without thinking anything of it. I’m sure I do the same with games – casual, FPS, immersive, …

Of course now it’s been raining for almost a week.

[ music | Amadou et Mariam – Politic amagni ]

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