Today is day one of my trip along the norwegian coast. I have reached Moss after 3.5 hours cycling time, a little over 65 km. I’ll let that be the
distance for the first day, since I am woefully untrained and have no idea
what my limits are. Clearly, I am not Tour de France material.

The geek in me has prepared for this trip not by excercising, but by
investing in gadgets. The cycling computer is great fun. Some numbers for
today: 66.67 km trip length, 47.3 km/h maximum speed. I tried keeping my
average speed between 20 and 21 km/h, there is a decaying average built
into this thing. By the end I noticed it was getting harder to stay in that
window, I’ll take that as a sign to call it a day in the future.

Thanks to Frank, I am also completely connected. My palm is email,
webbrowser and blogging tool thanks to the old GPRS phone I have. More
gadgets. Setting all this up last night seemed more important than packing,
but I realize that a little more thought could have gone into packing, and
a little less into trying to talk IMAP over SSL from the beach. Which is
where I am now, actually. The weather forecast lied about the rain, again.


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