This is why I started yesterday: So I could get at least one sunny day on
my tour. Today has been rainy from the minute I got on the bike to the time
I checked into a hotel in Larvik.

My speed suffers from that, between 17 and 18 km/h was my average speed. I
can’t say that it’s all because of the rain, it might just as well be the
norwegian terrain: The route has been a constant up and down today, up a
hill, down a hill, up again, … With never a flat stretch. Maximum speed:
50.6 km/h. Today’s stage: 72 km, total distance: 142 km. I’m physically in
better shape than yesterday, definitely, but I don’t want tto risk camping
someplace – Larvik has a number of hotels, and I want to avoid camping in
the rain.

Mental note for next time: Do a daytrip first to decide what kind of
equipment you really need. I have too much stuff.


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