When your sister says you’re fat, you better believe h

When I visited Anke in Budapest, she said one thing that really got under my skin: “Enno, you’re getting fat”. There’s nobody like a sister that tells you the painful truth she sees. I love her for that. And it’s not like I didn’t know it already. I was dragging few too many kilos with me on the bike, up the mountains, everywhere. 5 kilos extra feels like a lot of weight when I climb, and compensating for it with strength or technique seems like such a waste.

So early in September, I started taking the gym more serious. I went more often, and in October even switched from my half hour of running to the hour-long cycling sessions. And it makes a difference. Being the geek I am, I have of course logged it painstakingly. And gnuplot is my friend:

My initial goal was to get to 74 kilos for Christmas. It looks like I’m going to miss that goal, but not by much. And more importantly, my system works. I am losing weight, not too fast, and I am neither starving myself, nor am I totally knackered from the exercise. In fact, I feel much fitter now than I did before I started this. I still want to get down to my ideal weight (which would be around 72-73 kg), which is what I weighed 5 years ago when I first moved to Norway. That extra weight is what you get from deadlines, overtime food and an office job, and I know I got hit less hard than some others.

I exercise 3 times a week at the moment, for between one and two hours after work. The gym is just around the corner, and while it isn’t the cheapest one, it’s nice, bright and friendly. I love to go there, and that helps a lot. When the alternative is working or going home, exercising most of the time seems more appealing, and that helps a lot.

And now that I’ve dared go out and share intimate details like my weight, I’ll probably talk about my whole “getting in shape” project more in future posts. Wish me luck with this.

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