Great Gorilla Run: Results!

We did it!

The Great Gorilla Run was a huge success. I raised over £2,400, putting me in second place among all runners. Thanks especially to all the Eressea players that have donated in the past. You guys rock.

It was excellent of Jørn to come along this year, I doubt I would have had half as much fun without him – if you want to participate next year, my advice #1 is to do it with friends. If only because they can film you doing it. Speaking of which, we took a lot of photos (they are on flickr). And we have a short video:


One thought on “Great Gorilla Run: Results!

  1. Hi Eno,

    It’s Laura from the Gorilla Organization. It’s great that you have set all this up for your freinds and family to see. Well done for your great video- it’s fantastic to see what it was like for you gorillas. Hope you and Jorn had fun.

    THANKS so much!


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