Desktop Exhibitionism

My little sister showed off her desktop because a contact of hers said “show me your desktop and I tell you who you are”. Not sure there’s a lot you can see from mine. These are my two PCs at work:

This is gorilla, the machine that I develop The Longest Journey on, and a low-end testing machine for other stuff and as an X server for debugging the Anarchy Online server. It was also the machine I used for most of my work on Dreamfall.

This is orangutan, a dual-core AMD running XP64. I use it to develop the Anarchy Online client on.

At home, vishnu is from a time when I didn’t name all my PCs after near-extinct species. It’s an AMD 2400+, the PC that I develop Eressea on and my main workhorse. With a GeForce 3, it doesn’t play many games.

My laptop, rhino, is a Pentium 150, and the only one of them running Linux. It’s right beside my bed and makes it easier to stay in bed all day on weekends.

And now I’m curious to hear what those desktops (not the PCs) say about me.


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