ADSL Modem

I really like the fact that I had my ADSL connection a day before I was moving into my new apartment. You can’t fault Alice for being slow. Neither can I fault them for much else: Their contract has a 4 week cancellation period, as opposed to everyone else’s 2 years, and they are 5 Euros/week cheaper than the competition. Oh, and they also don’t require me to have a landline like everybody else. Great, because I didn’t intend to get one.

One thing though: Their installation CD didn’t like my PC. “Your language is not supported”. So they decide that because my Windows is English, it wouldn’t help me if they installed their German-only software, and I’m better of without any software at all. And without an option to override that decision. Well…. It turns out I *am* better off without, but that’s because I’m a geek who can browse the CD and find the relevant PDF, and already knows how to set up his router anyhow.