The following is one of my favorite pieces of music. Not because of it’s musical merits, but because it immediately conjures up the time around the Anarchy Online Launch, when we were working hard to Finish The Game. Somebody shared this around the office, and while I’m not sure about its origin, rumor has it that it was made by one of the guys in the audio department.

And now for to the quiz part of this post: Where are all those sound bites from? Having grown up with a lot of dubbing before I first heard this track, I had a vague idea about a few, and since then, new bits have been popping up every now and then when I was watching TV or movies. This is part of what makes this fun to me: I knew the sound bites first, and I’m finding the references later.

So far, I can tell:

  • Shall we play a game? is from War Games, of course.
  • We need more monkeys! … We’re formulating a new plan! – from Toy Story, the scene where they try to use they Barrel of Monkeys to save Buzz.
  • You said bullshit and experience is all it takes, right? – Google says this is from 48 Hrs, which I never saw.
  • Beavis and Butthead are in there, probably a clip from the “Vistual Stupidity” computer game.
  • Unorganized Grabasstic Pieces of Amphibian Shit is from Full Metal Jacket
  • Not enough time is from Heat.

But there’s a lot of them I have no clue about. Got any ideas?