I decided to test another virus scanner. I’m generally not interested in them, but there are people who are, and I’d like to be in a position to give a favorable recommendation for one or the other. It’s always easy to name the ones I don’t like (NAV, Antivir), or won’t trust again (AVG), and my recommendation so far has been for avast!, although the user interface it forces on you is really, really terrible.

So now I’m checking out NOD32 (30 day trial). It gets pretty good review, the interface is nice and clean, and it seems to be much less of a system hog. I like that I can really customize what it does – I especially don’t like my virus scanner to scan every file I touch, because that seriously cramps my compile times. So far the only fault I can find is with the explorer menu, and the lack of an option to turn off the balloon that comes up every time it updates its virus definitions.