I need to backup my notebook

I lost one of my little Moleskine notebooks today. On the way to the airport today I was summarizing my notes from two days of discussions and I must have left it in the back of the limo. I hope the driver finds it. It did make me painfully aware that these things are not part of my backup strategy.

I don’t like taking notes in a laptop during meetings, I find them distracting and I often make a little drawing, whether it’s class diagrams or geometrical sketches. But most of all, I like the tactile feel of a notebook and tightly written notes on gridded pages – leafing through one of those years later is a lot more fun than going through an old word document.

But in the future, I’m going to add them to my backup. Mozy and digital cameras FTW.


One thought on “I need to backup my notebook

  1. The chauffeur company emailed me, they found the notebook and are sending it to me by mail. If the Norwegian postal system doesn’t have one of its summer hiccups like they did with my new SIM card, I should have it by next week.

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