Eressea Server Down

The Eressea server (and with it, this blog) has been down for about a week due to a burnt motherboard. The hard drives could be saved, but the new machine doesn’t have SCSI, so some work had to be done. Thanks go to Andreas and Nils for fixing this.

The new machine is no longer Debian but Ubuntu. This gives me a chance to set things up The Right Way – after 8 years, the old machines had a lot of quirky stuff installed, and was running with a number of unexplained anachronisms. So excuse the mess, we’re under construction.

Here’s my preliminary TODO-List:

  1. Install Apache/Wordpress and migrate database – done.
  2. Install Mediawiki and migrate database – done
  3. Install Mantis and migrate database- done
  4. Install IMAP server – done
  5. Send emails through with postfix – done
  6. Receive emails from with fetchmail – done
  7. Switch from exim filters to procmail – done
  8. Configure spam filtering – almost done
  9. Install subversion server – done
  10. Check out code and scripts – done
  11. rescue old data files and set up eressea’s environment – done
  12. Set up order processing scripts – done
  13. Find out why echeck doesn’t like umlauts – done
  14. Configure procmail for eressea – done
  15. Compile and test server – done
  16. Restore the automated weekly turn – done
  17. Run a turn for the tutorial – done
  18. Re-create announce mailing lists – done
  19. fix or replace the amazon widget – done
  20. fix all the places where the database is used without a password – in progress
  21. fix the registration process – done, but boy, is that thing crooked
  22. Make sure everything is properly backed up – done
  23. make sure this gets easier next time

Packages installed:
python-geoip python-mysqldb php5-cli courier-imap-ssl libluabind-dev subversion mutt jed fetchmail mc jam libxml2-dev libncurses5-dev g++ mailman procmail spamassassin spamc openbsd-inetd mailman rkhunter subversion-tools


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