FK Zebra: Final Match on September 28

The filming for FK Zebra is coming to an end. It’s been a blast, I’ve gotten more excercise in these two months than in the entire previous year, met some cool people, did some fun stuff and played a lot of tough matches. The last match is on September 28th and he first episode will air on October 1st.

Sadly, our final match will not be at Ullevaal as planned. The grass is too worn out, they say, and I understand that the worldcup qualifications take priority over a bunch of nerds. So we’ll be playing on our home turf, at Haraløkka Idrettsanlegg. The event starts at 11 o’clock, the actual game at 14:00 sharp – I hope there will be a big group of supporters!

I’m going to be sad when this is all over, and I hope we can get together and play a bit more after we’ve all com down from the permanent high that these two months have been.


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