Server Outage

The server that has been hosting my blog, my email and the Eressea server for the past ten years is no longer. It’s not a case of machine failure (those are easy to ix), but a policy change. One that I fully understand.

My options at the moment are to either get my domains hosted someplace else (some kind of root server) or to diversify to different providers. My mail is already mostly taken care of by Google, my blogging can move, and the Eressea server is currently running under my desk with very sporadic uptime.

That latest one is a temporary solution at best. I don’t have a machine that’s permanently on, the DSL line gets clogged on Sundays, and on weekends where I’m away, everything stops.

Running your own blog software means you are either a dinosaur or an A-List blogger. I’m certainly not the latter, so it’s time to move on. What pains me most is that this means breaking all the old URLs until I find a way to redirect in a smart way.

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