Acer Aspire One, 6 weeks later

Quick summary: I’m loving the little guy.

Work: This week I was at a client’s site in Switzerland. I went to the office in the morning and left the power cable at the hotel. No problem – power lasts for a full day if you use it normally. I was mucking around in Eclipse, installing software, the hard disk was kept busy. When I left the office 8 hours later to get to the Christmas party, I had 24 minutes left on the battery.

Entertainment: In the hotel, I had a flaky wireless connection (thanks, unknown donor) which meant I had Skype, but I also had a bunch of TV shows on the 160 GB harddrive (not regretting that) and that meant independence from Swiss/Italian/German television. In between watching TV I was coding and listening to the Ender’s game audio books.

Gadget Envy: When I bought my first laptop in 97, people would walk up to me on the train and ask “is that a real computer?”. Over time, everyone got a laptop, and that reaction turned into “OMG, your laptop is OLD!”. Now they walk up to me again and the reaction is “is that thing a full PC? Can I lift it?”. The Acer makes people smile, gets them talking. I tell them that it’s great for work, but sucks for games other than AO (curse you all for not supporting Intel Graphics better), but makes a nice “minimum spec” platform for testing, too: my goal is for AO to still run on it after the engine upgrade.


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