My cellphone sucks (and so does yours)

DST started on Sunday. My PCs and even my old alarm clock did the jump. Only timer in the house that didn’t make it? My cellphone. Why is it that a device that’s by definition always on the net, has a not-so-shabby computer in it and displays a clock as arguably it’s most frequently used function cannot make a simple switch like this?

The reason cannot be technical. But it does not end there. Why have all my past cellphones had built-in calendars, but none of them was useful? Supporting VCAL is not hard. And did I mention that it’s always on the net? What does it take for my phone’s calendar to sync with my Google calendar? Becuase that would make it twice as useful all of a sudden.

And please, stop building PC suites. What are they good for? My phone is a USB drive, so transfering files is easy. And did I mention it is always on the net? So please, synchronize my contacts with standard address book formats, and my calendar… we already covered that.

Just venting. I know I should cave in and buy an iPhone, but the features I really need would be trivial to implement on any 5-year Nokia phone if Nokia was at all interested in pleasing the end-users.


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