Starforce Returns, Feels Misunderstood

Via GameSetWatch:

It is always weird for me to see users hate protection drivers when the Daemon Tools one also operates in Ring 0, but it is highly appreciated. The difference is that the StarForce driver is fully certified for Windows XP and Vista, passed through numerous tests inside Microsoft testlabs.

You can’t be serious? Users do not care about certification. Users care about one thing: What does this software do for me? In the case of Daemon Tools, that is pretty obious: It lets me mount ISO images and saves me having to root around in my CD collection. Plus, I installed it, so I probably wanted it. In the case of Starforce, it interferes with the software that I have legitimately installed, and I didn’t ask it to install itself. One is a guest in my house that brings flowers, the other is a guy that climbed in through the window and eats all my cake.

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