DirectX SDK vs. Windows SDK

Enno: this article!
Enno: “Starting with Windows Developer Preview, the DirectX SDK is included as part of the Windows SDK.”
Kael: yep
Kael: DERP
Kael: that also means they don’t push out frequent dx sdk updates anymore
Kael: you get to wait for the next windows sdk update
Enno: what is “Windows Developer Preview”?
Enno: has that happened?
Kael: that’s part of why some people were claiming that directx is dying a slow death
Enno: is the 2010 update the most recent?
Kael: windows developer preview is windows 8 that you install in a vm
Kael: and visual studio that you have to run inside the windows 8 vm
Kael: it’s retarded because the visual studio division is currently buried deep inside their own ass
Enno: okay, so for me on Win7, with VS 2010, this should not apply?
Kael: yeah, for you you get to use old sdks
Kael: they aren’t releasing new sdks for you
Kael: not yet, anyway.
Kael: i think once windows 8 is out they may release a new one that will work on windows 7
Enno: that is totally confusing, because this link is the topmost article on
Kael: D3DX is not considered the canonical API for using Direct3D in Windows Developer Preview and therefore does not ship in the corresponding Windows SDK. You are recommended to investigate alternate solutions for working with the Direct3D API. For legacy projects such as the Windows 7 (and earlier) DirectX SDK samples, the following steps are necessary to build applications with D3DX using the DirectX SDK:
Kael: windows 7 is ‘legacy’
Enno: and i thought “oh, that explains why the last SDK is from 2010 – it’s no longer the way to do things”
Kael: no, it’s just from 2010 because microsoft is totally fucking up directx
Kael: someone wrote a good blog post explaining this stuff, sec
Enno: I am trying to compile some shit, and I want to install the right SDK, and fucking msdn is leading me astray
Enno: plus, the Windows SDK for Win7 will not install if you have the VC++ Redist files installed already. which _really_ ruined my day
Enno: because error messages are for pussies.
Enno: 😦
Enno: okay, marty. we’re going back to the future. set the flux compensator for 2010

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