Modernizing Eressea

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m finding myself “between jobs” again. This sucks, because I really liked the most recent product I was working on, and was finally enjoying work again. Job hunting sucks.

Instead of sitting on the couch, watching Ghibli films and feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to use my time off to finally put Eressea on some more solid feet, making it more accessible.

What that means for me is:

  1. I want future games to fall more on the strategic end of the scale. There are already three active games that cater to the role players, and the hard-core strategy players are problematic, so I want to give them a separate game to play.
  2. The game will have a friendlier client. No more textual orders, no more dependency on the JRE, no more email.
  3. I am going to approach this with the goal of creating a commercial product.
  4. There will be a mobile version as well as a desktop version of the client. 

To keep myself honest, and make sure I don’t get distracted along the way, I am going to try and update this development blog three times a week, whether I feel that there was progress or not.


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