This one is almost strictly a bugfix release, trying to get things stable so that Alpha 27 is a really great version.

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  • The total number of deaths you have experienced is recorded on the “you died” screen
  • New ground target: CARGO, low HP and come in sets of 4, perfect for cluster bombs (custom mission prefab: “Buildings/cargo_pod_4”)


  • Target lead prediction for AI wasn’t completely correct. Drones and AAA might be a little more accurate, but they are already intentionally bad at leading the correct amount so probably not.
  • Large numbers of enemy bombers on later islands should not cause a massive framerate drop
  • The lock-on diamond should never be outside of the lock-on circle, making lock-on times much quicker in some cases
  • Clouds on the tutorial level should no longer be pink
  • Directional arrows pointing to the BASE and MISSION targets should no longer get stuck
  • Player start position should be correctly assigned during a custom mission.
  • Clicking buttons in the custom mission menu should actually pick the mission selected by the mouse and not the one selected by the keyboard / gamepad cursor
  • The mouse pointer should disappear / reappear when you use gamepad or keyboard input / click the mouse
  • “Locked Mouse” option should constrain the mouse pointer correctly.
  • If you researched a tech (aero, weapon, special, etc) that has since been disabled, you will not be able to use it. Some people managed to research a few that were in an earlier indev version, this is merely to make things fair for everyone and avoid confusion. Don’t worry, everything I’m taking away right now is coming back.