Okay. She earned your vote. She hasn’t earned mine. Maybe that’ll change, because sometimes we don’t get to vote FOR a president as much as we vote AGAINST someone for president. I’ve voted 3rd party in the past, and I may do so again.

I believe that Trump will be a catastrophe for not just America, but the world. I live in California, which will never go to Trump no matter what, so I have the luxury of voting my conscience. If I lived in a state where it was going to be close, I would likely hold my nose and vote AGAINST him, but Clinton hasn’t earned my vote, and likely won’t earn my vote. She’s too willing and quick to use military force, she’s too close to the Bushes, and she’s too close to Henry Kissinger, who is a war criminal.

I do not, and will not, accept responsibility for Trump, and it’s moderately insulting to tell me or anyone else who isn’t going to vote for Clinton that we have to. If Clinton fails to offer what a majority of Democrats and the wider electorate wants, that’s not on me or anyone who doesn’t vote for her. That’s on her and her campaign.